SINCE 1994 Quanzhou Haitian Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Haitian Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 and has developed into a high-tech fabric material manufacturer integrating material development, fabric production-fabric dyeing and clothes production with a complete industrial chain. We have established R&D and marketing cener in Shanghai, production base in Quanzhou and trade window in Xiamen, and holds equities of Quanzhou Haitian Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Haitian Yingjie Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen Haitian Yingjie Import & Export Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Haitian Textile Technology Co., Ltd. and Quanzhou Fashion Dreamworks Co., Ltd. We have formed a production capacity of annual 25,000 tons of grey fabrics, annual 18,000 tons of dyeing and finishing fabrics and annual 10 million pieces (sets) of clothes.

Since the industrial rankings released by the China Textile and Apparel Council in 2007, we have been selected as one of the top 500 competitive enterprises of textile and clothing industry and top 10 competitive enterprises of the knitting industry, and has been selected as the popular fabric in China continuously since 1999.

Product series

We have concentrated on the innovation and constant development and application of bio-based and functional fabrics on the basis of the development and production of common fabrics and processing of clothes, and has been in the leading position in the development of hydroscopic and quick dry (CoolDry) and new type bio-based fibers (PDT and PTT).

Through the development and production of green, environmental protection, functional and fashion textiles, we have formed several series of products including CoolDry hydroscopic and quick dry series, Corntec biomass green and environmental protection (PTT) series, Sunlite hollowing and heat preservation series, Ecorona recycled polyester fabric series, Hytech High-tech functional (bamboo charcoal) series, Socorna biomass green and environmental protection (PDT) series, Sofeel super cotton-like polyester fabric series, Polalite high-performance heat preservation series and Unidry smart painted fashion series, and in particular takes a lead in the development and application of hydroscopic and quick dry (CoolDry) and new-type biomass fiber (PDT and PTT). The products have been widely applied in sports wears, clothes, outdoor leisure clothing, underclothes, uniforms, socks, knitting carpets and knitting coats.

R&D capability

Insisting in the concept of ‘Developing one generation while producing one generation, designing one generation and expecting one generation’  we have carried out frequent exchanges and cooperation with Donghua University, China Textile Information Center, China National Textile and Apparel Council, China Textile Engineering Society, China Fashion & Color Association, Fujian Textile Article Association and so on. It also adopts the mode of developing with the famous domestic and foreign upstream new material manufacturers like Dupont,

We have been entitled as the Leading Enterprise Technological Innovation Center of National Spark Program, State Key High-tech enterprises, Key High-tech Enterprises of China Torch Program, National Engineering Research Center for Textile Industry, National Knitting Products Development Base, Post-Doctoral Research Center, Undergraduate and Post-graduate Training Base of Donghua University, Fujian Textile Fabric Technical Development Base and so forth.

We are among the first batch of enterprises with intellectual property rights in China and the project ‘Integrated development of key technologies for high moisture conductive polyester fiber and products’ jointly undertaken with Donghua University was awarded the China Textile Industry Association First Prize of Science and Technology Progress in 2006 and the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2007. The project ‘Integrated development of the key post-processing techniques for PTT polymer, filature and fiber’ was granted the China Textile Industry Association Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress in 2011. The project ‘Integrated development of key technique for highly fluffy and stable cashmere’ was awarded the China Textile Industry Association Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress in 2014.

Standard certification

Our products are entitled as ‘State Key New Products’ and ‘Famous Fujian Branded Products’, and pass the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety assessment series, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ecological textile certificate, GRS Global Recycle Standard, China Textile Industry Federation white list management system certificate and industry and information integrated management certificate. Our lab has been accepted by the National lab of CNAS.

Core customers

Relying on strong product development ability and matching production capacity, we have won a great market reputation and word-of-mouth with our stable product quality and excellent services by forming a stable customer base and emerging as a fabric supplier designated by many domestic and foreign customers.

By now we have established a solid cooperation relationship with both domestic and foreign sports and leisure brands such as Decathlon, Columbia, UNIQLO, ASHCITY, H&M, VF, Nautica, Lining, Toread, Anta, Jordan, etc. In addition, we also owns a stable client base in hollow warm fabric, fabrics for military and medical use, functional composite fabric and so on.

Future outlook

Our vision is to dedicate ourselves to perfect integration of new material technology and fashion culture by integrating excellent resources of the industry chain and raising the product performance so as to have the consumers of all levels enjoy greener, safer, healthier and more comfortable fashion lives. We will rely on science and technology innovation, cultural innovation, environmental protection, energy-saving and humanistic care to create values for our shareholders and grow up with our employees and customers in the pursuit of a sustainable development with the society.

We will continue pushing forward all kinds of high-tech fiber industrialization and application, especially the development, industrialization and application of biomass fiber fabric and functional fiber fabric, and increase further the technology and added value of the product by taking full advantage of our cutting-edge development ability on the basis of the existing business, technology, brand awareness and market advantages to promote the industrial revolution and product upgrading, raise our competitiveness comprehensively and make ourselves a top supplier of high-end functional fabrics.