Haitian believes each staff is the most important resource and the cornerstone for our company’s sustainable development.

Haitian respects each staff’s value, provides space for each staff’s development and creation, and shares glories and happiness over the staff’s success.

Haitian attracts and cultivates high-quality talents by establishing three large mechanisms. The first is to set up a mechanism for use of talents in many ways including internal selections, recruitment and temporary employment. The second is to set up a mechanism for talent attraction in various forms like set-up of post-doctoral research center, cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research units and retention of the talents by creating a harmonious working environment, perfect and efficient communication, scientific incentive and human-based management. The third is to set up a mechanism of talent cultivation which will be carried out through selection of key post successors, job rotation, internal part-time job, on-the-job guidance and training, and establishment of a mechanism for evaluating, promoting, eliminating, allocating and cultivating talents so as to develop talent resources to a great extent and build a scientific talent echelon.